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The Lepidoptera Working Group brings together impacted horticultural, arable and forestry parties and the Crown to work together, from a basis of shared understanding, to reduce the impacts of Lepidoptera by:

  • Having good knowledge of key Lepidoptera threats
  • Being able to rapidly detect and identify new harmful Lepidoptera species.
  • Having the information, tools, processes, and relationships in place to enable responding to detections of new harmful Lepidoptera species in way which is timely and effective.
  • Having decision-maker and community awareness that provides social license to use control tools.
  • Having the information, tools, processes and relationships in place to transition to long-term management, if required.

Signatories making up the Lepi Working Group are: 

Apples and Pears New Zealand Incorporated 

Kiwifruit Vine Health Incorporated

Ministry for Primary Industries

New Zealand Forest Owners Association 

New Zealand Winegrowers Incorporated

Onions New Zealand Incorporated

Summerfruit NZ

Vegetables New Zealand Incorporated

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