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Fruit fly management activities 

This page details information GIA fruit fly readiness and response activities.

Fruit Fly Operational Agreement 

The Fruit Fly Council have developed an operational agreement to reduce the potentially devastating impact of a fruit fly incursion. The agreement was signed by the relevant industry groups on 9 May 2016, marking the first agreement of its kind. The agreement was renewed in 2022. 

The agreement provides the detailed contractual arrangements of how industry and government will work together to deliver better biosecurity outcomes of the three most common fruit flies. It sets out the operational requirement for readiness and response activities as well as cost-sharing arrangements between government and the affected industries. 

The overarching outcome sought from the OA is that GIA Deed Signatories will work together to reduce impacts to the horticulture sector from fruit fly by:

  • Demonstrating, on an ongoing basis, New Zealand’s freedom from fruit flies and detecting any fruit flies early enough to ensure a successful response
  • Successfully managing a detection and/or eradicating any incursion
  • Reducing the impact of an incursion and eradication response on market access

 Signatories to the agreement are:

  • New Zealand Apples and Pears
  • Kiwifruit Vine Health
  • Horticulture NZ for Process Vegetables NZ 
  • New Zealand Avocado Growers Association Inc
  • New Zealand Citrus Growers Inc 
  • The Ministry for Primary Industries
  • Summerfruit New Zealand Incorporated
  • Vegetables New Zealand Inc
  • Tomatoes New Zealand Inc

You can view a summary of the operational agreement here.


Key documents

Also find more general information on operational agreements here.

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