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Wine industry joins GIA partnership

The wine industry have signed an agreement with Government to better protect the commercial grape growing industry it represents in managing biosecurity

Image caption (L to R): NZW, Deputy Chair John Clarke and Hon Nathan Guy

New Zealand Winegrowers Incorporated (NZW) have become the 14th industry organisation to join the Government Industry Agreement (GIA) for Biosecurity Readiness and Response.

NZW CEO, Philip Gregan said this is a significant step forward in helping to ensure the sustainability of the wine industry.

“Signing the GIA Deed secures the wine industry a seat around the table when decisions are being made on biosecurity issues”, said Gregan. “Making decisions in partnership with government provides the opportunity to influence how the wine industry is impacted in the event of a biosecurity response and ensures we deliver the best outcomes for our members.”  

New Zealand wine exports reached a record $1.65 billion in April year end 2017. New Zealand wine is exported to more than 90 countries, and is New Zealand’s 5th largest export good by value. The industry is working towards a goal of $2 billion of exports in 2020.

GIA Secretariat Manager, Steve Rich commended NZW for making the commitment to sign the GIA Deed.

“The wine industry have been actively involved in the formation of GIA, along with the development of the first operational agreement under GIA, so it’s good to now have them fully on board.”

“GIA partners look forward to having NZW as a key partner and working together to reduce the threat of an unwanted incursion that may damage our industries,” said Mr Rich.

The Deed was signed yesterday by representatives from NZW at a ceremony held in Wellington. Attendees included NZW and Government representatives, the Hon Nathan Guy - Minister for Primary Industries and the GIA Secretariat.

They join Potatoes New Zealand, Vegetables New Zealand, TomatoesNZ, Kiwifruit Vine Health, Pipfruit New Zealand, New Zealand Pork, New Zealand Equine Health Association, Onions New Zealand, the Forestry Owners Association, New Zealand Avocado Growers’ Association, New Zealand Citrus Growers Incorporated, NZ Kiwiberry, Nashis NZ and the Ministry for Primary Industries, under GIA.

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  • Wine industry joins GIA partnership
  • Wine industry joins GIA partnership
  • Wine industry joins GIA partnership
  • Wine industry joins GIA partnership
  • Wine industry joins GIA partnership
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