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GIA Engagement Policy  

The scope of the GIA Deed covers engagement across the end-to-end biosecurity system.

The GIA Engagement Policy sets out what GIA Partners mean by engagement and the level of engagement they should expect from each other for different activities across the biosecurity system.

·         GIA Engagement Policy – full version (January 2017)

Appendices in the Policy contain summary information that can be used by Partners to support these interactions. Each Appendix can also be referred to as a stand-alone document.

·         A1 – New Zealand’s biosecurity system

·         A2 – Key responsibilities for biosecurity in MPI

·         A3 – GIA engagement spectrum

·         A4 – Outcomes and principles for engagement under GIA

·         A5 – GIA partner biosecurity system activities and engagement opportunities


o    Table One – high level summary for each layer of the biosecurity system

o    Table Two - for specific activities within each layer of the biosecurity system

·         A6 – Template for sector specific biosecurity system activities and engagement

·         A7 – Key biosecurity fora of relevance for GIA

Policy development

The GIA Engagement Policy was drafted by MPI supported by an MPI-Industry joint working group (JWG), MPI and industry senior leaders and the GIA Secretariat. The GIA DGG endorsed the Policy in October 2016, subject to feedback from non-Signatories through consultation. The final version dated January 2017, incorporates non-Signatory feedback.

·         Key contributors to drafting of the GIA Engagement Policy

Policy review

The GIA policy is owned by the GIA DGG. The way and extent to which GIA partners engage with each other will continue to evolve as the GIA partnership matures. The policy can be updated as required to reflect any developments. The first review will be scheduled after one-year of operation.

For more information, contact: or phone: 021 445 180


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